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torstai 29. huhtikuuta 2010

300410 (in English)

Hello World!

Finally it's time to start writing this blog also in English, improve your doings right?! First I'll explain a little bit what this blog is about and who's behind this bit mystery blog adress Maybe you have been here before watching foto's n stuff, and at least have seen and understood that "girls just wanna have muscles" text in our banner, sooo that's basicly our missio, well one of them. This lifestyle blog is about gym training, eating right and loving it, being positive, good living, enjoying and appreciating little things (and big muscles!), this is our journey to create strong and healthy mind's, and body's of course!

Who's behind of these texts? This blog is written by two girls, Emma and Maarit. 22 year old friends. We have known each other from elementary school, but became really good friends later,  when we realised we have same interests (=training) and same sarcastic kind of a humor, that's really important! :) and you'll find it alot in this blog, so don't be too black and white while you reading. ;) Later we both have moved away from our hometown but we still meet each other like once a mont, but of course texting like everyday, and then we have this great blog together!
Where is this happening? So all this is happening in little northern country called Finland, here we are basicly freezing like 9 months a year and those 3 others we are having just OK weather ;) ok, I was too negative there! It's spring time so no time to worrie bout freezing right?!

This was short introduction written by Emma. I hope there's some sense in my English writing...I'm not too comfortable with tense and stuff you know.



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